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Scheduling often requires many users to be able to propose events, but only one or two people to be authorized to approve them.
Universities need to display an "Academic Calendar," but also need calendars for athletics, concerts, meetings, lectures, etc. They need a way for users to view these calendars separately, or combined.
Athletic teams, sports clubs, recreation departments need to announce the current schedule of games and meets. They may need separate calendars for baseball, soccer, bowling, swimming, etc.
DATES! is great for a room reservation system. Users can see what's available, and send email requests for a specific date to a room scheduler.
DATES!?Web Calendaring
Quick. Easy. Powerful. Flexible. Even fun.

What is DATES! ?

DATES! is a web event calendaring and scheduling service. It provides event calendars to your web site for your visitors, with searching, sorting, and visitor-interaction built in.

All you do is enter events into a short web page form.

DATES! ensures that your web-posted events and schedules are always up-to-date. It gives you access to your event data in a huge variety of formats: attractive web displays, plain text for copying into a word processor, comma-separated lists, web pages formatted specifically for direct printing, and much more. All from a single, one-time-only event entry!
Try it yourself, right now

Want to try DATES!? Log in to the fictional "Guest Enterprises" calendar by entering (upper right) an ID of "guest" (without the quotes) and a password of "guest" (without the quotes). You'll see that a number of events have already been entered and are upcoming in the next 30 days. Click to "Add events." Then make up and enter an event of your own for the current month (July). then return to this page and click any of the links below to see the results.

Reasonable pricing

The full-featured version of DATES! is available for $125 per month. The first month is free. Cancel if you don't like it and pay nothing. After that, stay subscribed only as long as you want.

The subscription price includes an incredible range of features, such as no installation or maintenance, up to 100 different event categories, an event approval system, multiple display formats, user-selectable sorting and full text event searching, user requests and calendar interaction, simple and fast event entry, and only 15 minutes to set up an account and get started. Learn more about features ...

A reduced-feature version of DATES! is only $75 per month, and a very simple, upcoming-events-only calendar is a give-away at only $25 a month!

Remember that best of all, you can test out any of these versions of DATES! for a full month at no charge, with no risk whatsoever. Learn more about the different price plans ...

Integrate, customize

Integrate your DATES! calendar with your existing web site. Customize your calendar with your own colors, style, logos. Show or hide different calendar features for different web audiences.  Learn more about integrating and customizing ...

One calendar, many categories

Define and use multiple event types or categories as part of a single overall events calendar. You can let your web visitors choose the event types they want to see -- or you can pre-define different calendar displays to show different types of events. A single "Sports" calendar, for example, can have categories for "Baseball," "Lacrosse," "Soccer", "Tennis", etc.  Learn more about event categories ...

No hassle, no install

DATES! runs on a 24x7 commercial web server, not yours. It's ready now. Sign up, log in, start entering your events. Yes, it's that easy! Learn more about how DATES! works ...

There's no risk, so ...

Go ahead and



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