<br>CONCERTS<br><br>Sun, November&nbsp;25, 2018<br>Performance Yesterday. The Agile Players perform the Bach masterpiece, "Qui Donnia". 8:00&nbsp;pm. Palazzo Concert Hall. Contact: <a href="mailto:art@ruben.net">Arturo Rubenstein</a>.<br><br>LECTURES<br><br>Fri, November&nbsp;30, 2018<br>Dudley Lecture series. Professor Haliburton R. Nernsleson on the "The Efficacy of Enigmatic Epiphanies". 7:00&nbsp;pm - 11:45&nbsp;pm. Dumbrier Hall. Contact: <a href="mailto:herring@swimfish.edu">Jayne Utnick</a>.<br><br>WORKSHOPS<br><br>Sun, November&nbsp;25, 2018 thru Wed, November&nbsp;28<br>Quilt Show. Come see the finest quilts on the east or west coast. A stunning visual extravaganza. Workshops throughout the day, beginners to advanced classes. Sponsored by Vinschevski Enterprises. Oglebee Gallery. Contact: George Sandos.<br>