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DATES! features
With DATES!, you have options. You choose the colors for all your calendar displays. You choose what text or images or both you want to display as a header above your calendars. You do the same for text or images you want to display as a "footer" that appears below each calendar.

These headers and footers can be just words, like your organizations name. 

But headers and footers can say whatever you like. They can contain sophisticated HTML coding that duplicates the headers and footers on your own web site.

In the ACME Health calendar to the left, the header contains the company logo just in front of a custom-chosen calendar title.

The ACME calendar does not use a footer, but below is a calendar that does. This calendar also appears inside a "frame" that enables the addition of a web site's standard menus and text on the left and top.

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Do you use frames on your site? Perhaps for a table of contents, or menu?

Keep them. DATES! will work happily inside a frame. You can use the same framed menus and contents list you're using now. When you update the framed menus on your site, they will be updated for your DATES! calendars at the same time. 

Do you have standard footers that you like to appear at the bottom of all your web pages?

Keep them. You can either put them in a frame, or simply specify them as standard DATES! footers. Hypertext linking can be included, of course. 

For some purposes, a monthly calendar isn't as clear as a list of events. It's easy to change the DATES! display format to a list. You can do it with an option on any links to your calendar. Your users can choose different formats as suits their needs. You don't need to change your events or the way you enter events. 

And you can choose to display the drop-down menus with choice of month, year, and searching -- or you can choose to hide them, as done here. 

Again, you make these choices whenever you want; the method for entering and editing events remains the same. DATES! has formatting flexibility built in and ready whenever you want it.

DATES! It just works!