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Operation of DATES! is simple enough that you or anyone you authorize in your organization can enter and edit events in a few seconds. You use a standard web browser and an online form. That's it. DATES! immediately turns your form entries into beautiful and useful event calendars for your web site visitors. 

<--This is the form for entering events. 

The only required information for each event is a short name and a start date. If you have more information, you can enter it. If not, then you're done.

If you can use this form, then you can use DATES!

Please scroll down

As you enter events, you'll often find yourself entering email addresses for contacts, and World Wide Web addresses, too. You'll want these to be "clickable" links, of course, that your web visitors can use directly.

Don't worry--it's done automatically. Enter a URL or an email address, and DATES! promptly turns it into a clickable web link. No need for you to puzzle over HTML codes or <tagging> this and </tagging> that. You've got better things to do. Let DATES! deal with it!

You enter this: DATES! produces the right clickable HTML:
RSmith@acme.com <a href="mailto:RSmith@acme.com">RSmith@acme.com</a>
http://www.acme.com <a href="http://www.acme.com>wwww.acme.com</a>

Event categories like "Concerts," "Workshops," and "Rehearsals" as shown in the form above are optional. If you want them, you can add or remove or rename them at any time. 

At Hardy Systems, "easy" actually means "easy."


DATES! It just works!
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