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About Hardy Systems
Dates! is a service of Hardy Systems, located in Williamsburg, Virginia. Hardy Systems is a small business started and run by law professor Trotter Hardy. Professor Hardy is a former computer scientist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, Maryland and presently Associate Dean of Technology and Professor of Law at the William and Mary School of Law. The College of William and Mary provides no official endorsement of either DATES! or Hardy Systems.

If you're worried about committing your web events calendar to the care of a sole proprietorship, consider this:
  • The College of William and Mary has been using DATES! as its events calendar since November of 1999. You can ask them about their experience: Contact Marilyn Carlin, William & Mary News, or Barbara Martin, Office Manager for the University Relations Office. See their calendar.
  • The City of Williamsburg has been using DATES! for two different calendars since January of 2000, and a third one since the spring of 2001. Ask them: Contact Michelle Woolson, Webmaster. See their main event calendar, or their broadcasting calendar, or their Recreation Department calendar.
  • The College of New Jersey has been using DATES! since July of 2000. Ask them: Contact Sue Long, Director of Public Information and Marketing. See their calendar.
  • The Williamsburg Unitarian Church has been using DATES! since January, 2001. Ask them: Contact Jim and Vicki Hall, WUU Webmasters. See their calendar.

Other things you may want to know:

  • Hardy Systems is registered with Dun & Bradstreet (D-U-N-S number 149452018). 
  • Credit card processing for DATES! is handled by Bank of America Merchant Services over a secure channel using a VeriSign Corporation digital ID.
  • Remember, you can try the complete, full-featured version of DATES! for a month for free. There's no obligation, and no long-term contracts are necessary. Start when you want, stop when you want, pay only for the months you use.

If you have other questions about the reliability and convenience of DATES!, or about the many ways it can be customized to help your organization, by all means, ask: Thanks for your interest in DATES!.

Trotter Hardy


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