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 Combining Criteria
To search, fill in whichever of the fields above seem helpful. Events will be found if they meet all of your search criteria.

For example, if you look for the word "football" between "March 1" and "June 1", then your search will turn up only those events that contain the word "football" AND are scheduled to start between March 1st and June 1st (of the current year). There may not be any such events, of course.
 Upper/lower case
Upper and lower case do not matter. A search for "ware" will turn up "Stephen Ware"; "Software"; and "awareness".
 Use Short Words
Use short words first. Instead of searching for "parents weekend" for example, start your search with "parent" or "pare" or "weekend" or "week". Partial words or phrases (like "pare" instead of "parents") will work fine and are often more helpful than complete words or phrases.

Individual letters are matched up--not whole words. So searching for "eke" will find "weekend" as well as "Zeke".
 Date Formats
Dates can be entered in almost any format: 11-05-22; 11-5-2022; nov. 5 2022; November 5, 2022; 11/5/22; etc. You can also enter any one of these words: "today", or "yesterday", or "tomorrow". Or you can enter a number of days with a plus or minus sign. Entering "+30", for example, means "thirty days into the future from today." Entering "-45" means "forty-five days into the past from today." To search for events that started (or were still underway) between two weeks ago and a month from now, enter a start date of "-14" and an end date of "+30".

If you enter a specific date but leave off the year, like "Sept. 1", or "9/1", or "Mar. 3", or "5-May", the current calendar year is assumed. I.e., if the current month is December, and you enter a January date with no year, the software will think you mean January of nearly a year ago.
 Boolean Logic
You cannot use "Boolean logic"--i.e., you can't enter "meeting or Fred" and have it work the way you want. (If you do that, the events calendar will be searched literally for the three words "meeting-or-Fred" appearing in sequence.)
 Leaving Every Field Blank
Leaving every field blank will return every single event in the calendar.
 Search Results View
Search results are always returned in the "Table View" display.